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Ventrilo Status

New Recruits use link at top of page to register with our website.

 Fatal Error is an Aion Legion on the Trinial server. We are new to the game and are just starting out. We are made up of a group of close online friends. Some of our members have been playing MMO's with each other for years, some are newer but still just as close. Our goal as a legion is simple...we just want to have a good time.

 We are not a PC group of people. If you offend easy, this is not the group for you. There is a whole lot of drinking, cussin, and topics that my be (for some) inappropriate. But at the end of the day, its all in good fun. We are very tight. We fight and pick on each other as any family does. But when push comes to shove, we have each others back and we take care of each other.  

We have members in the US and Canada in all time zones. There is normally someone online every week night and all day on weekends.

One way or the other....Its always a Fatal Error....

Legion Rules (per say....I don't want to sound like we are all strict)
1. You must be 18 years old or older, NO exceptions.
2. You MUST have ventrilo and join us in our vent.  
3. If you are in another Legion or have alts you must let us know.
4. While we understand not everyone is going to be the same level, when you can, you need to party with your legion members. The point of being in a legion is to be with your legion. That doesn't mean you can not party with your friends or help someone else with something, but our focus is and should always be our own.
5. We do not bot or hack or buy in game money. If you are doing something that is bannable, we do not want you. We are NOT wasting our time to help you if its just going to be deleted.
6. You must contribute to the Legion.
7. Do not ask for free gear or weapons. If you need something and can not craft it, but someone can, ask for help and offer mats and money for time. Things are not free to craft, so don't expect to get something for nothing.
8. Joke, have fun, pick on each other....but lets not be disrespectful!
Its How We Roll.....
Now Recruiting
We are Currently Recruiting ALL classes. New recruits please visit the Join Legion link at the top of this page. after your app has been submitted you can see any progression of your app in the F.E. Recruiting Forums.
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